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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hugs & Kisses

Probably one of the newest developments in our house is giving kisses and hugs. The kids love to give each other hugs and kisses but when Jason or I want one they don't seemed to be interested for the most part. I like to think of it as Jason & I wear them out with kisses and hugs that they don't feel the need to anymore and that is fine. They can continue to love on each other and we will continue to love on them. I guess you can say we are good examples to them.
Another thing I have noticed is the eagerness to get each other their sippy cups. Sometimes when I get them up, the one that is already up will grab another's sippy cup and just before I can say to get their own sippy cup, they hand it to the correct person.
Collin also is very bothered when things are out of place (gets it from his mom?). For the most part, it is safety stuff. We put a gate up every morning so they don't go up the stairs. We have started letting them go in the girls room to play and we put a door stop under the door because they are very interested in opening and closing the doors. We unplug things and put the covers on so they aren't playing with the outlets, etc... These are just some of the things we put in place so they have free reign (or at least they think they have) over the house. Collin has taken special note of this and is bothered when it isn't done. I got him up out of bed and then proceeded to get Anniston out of bed and before I could even get to Bailey he was bringing me the door stop to put under the door. He usually lets out a little wine and points to the problem (in this case, no door stop). Sure enough after it is in place he is fine. I think this also comes some from how we have learned to survive so much on routine and it works for us.
We are so proud of each and every one of them. They are so well behaved and are learning so much about loving one another and sharing with others and well just a lot of good stuff.
We look forward to the many years ahead to see their little personalites continue to develop.
Thanks for staying updated on our kiddos. We will try to update again soon:-)

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Anonymous said...

The kids are looking so much older every time I see pics of them. It sounds like things are going good!

Michelle Wissman